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(TEK) Innovations.  Innovative ideas for the future.
The Elf Kingdom (TEK).  The home of the little people.
AnimeCity (TEK). Where anime fans come to play.  Popular anime & cartoon series.
(TEK) Recipes.  Food Recipes
(TEK) Greetings. When others just won’t do (TEK) Greetings is here for you.
(TEK) WOW – World of Warcraft
(TEK) Forums – (TEK) Sites Forums
Site Down Or Just Me – Check to see if a website is down for everyone or just you.
Free website hosting – Looking for free website hosting.  Check out our free and paid services. (English Only)
Test Site – Original site that was imported.  Broken links and missing images etc.  This is slowly being moved to the new sites listed above.

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Twitter: @TEK_Innovations

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