phpBB Services


Install & Configure phpBB including installing regular style from phpBB. Custom styles may be subject to additional charges for installation and updating.

Basic Install & Configure Starting at $50.00

Install latest version of phpBB
Setup & Configure phpBB
Install Select Extensions
Install Select Styles

Additional Services such as setting up additional styles, extensions, etc start at $10.00*

Handyman Services


Install & Repair:

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
Home Repairs
Ceiling Fan & Light Fixtures
Smoke Detectors
Garage Door Openers
Switches & Outlets
other odd jobs around the house

$10.00 to $50.00 / hour


Basic Handyman, Woodworking, Construction & Gardening

• Experience building things out of wood such as a custom computer desk, build attachments for storing items under a table saw and built a few different green houses over the years
• Remodeled a house, removed/put up new Sheetrock, installed ceiling fans, ran electrical wiring, and put in
insulation, and built a metal shed and removed the old building materials
• Installed roofing, built a large Christmas display, clean gutters, painted houses inside and out
• Steam cleaned carpets, sanding down and refinishing real hard wood floor to look like new
• Installed rolled sod
• Built custom fencing