phpBB Services


Install & Configure phpBB including installing regular style from phpBB. Custom styles may be subject to additional charges for installation and updating.

Basic Install & Configure Starting at $50.00

Install latest version of phpBB
Setup & Configure phpBB
Install Select Extensions
Install Select Styles

Additional Services such as setting up additional styles, extensions, etc start at $10.00*

Handyman Services


Install & Repair:

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
Home Repairs
Ceiling Fan & Light Fixtures
Smoke Detectors
Garage Door Openers
Switches & Outlets
other odd jobs around the house

$10.00 to $50.00 / hour


Basic Handyman, Woodworking, Construction & Gardening

• Experience building things out of wood such as a custom computer desk, build attachments for storing items under a table saw and built a few different green houses over the years
• Remodeled a house, removed/put up new Sheetrock, installed ceiling fans, ran electrical wiring, and put in
insulation, and built a metal shed and removed the old building materials
• Installed roofing, built a large Christmas display, clean gutters, painted houses inside and out
• Steam cleaned carpets, sanding down and refinishing real hard wood floor to look like new
• Installed rolled sod
• Built custom fencing


WordPress Services


Install & Configure WordPress including installing regular theme from WordPress. Custom themes may be subject to additional charges for installation and updating.

Basic Install & Configure Starting at $50.00

Install latest version of WordPress
Setup & Configure WordPress
Install Select Theme
Install Select Plugins

Additional Services such as setting up additional themes, plugins, multi-site, etc start at $10.00*

File Recovery Service

(TEK) File Recovery Services


Services are not officially available yet and prices have not been finalized.

Data Recovery – Rates Vary

$10.00 – Diagnose Fee – Verify device is in proper working order and accessible.

Fee deducted from recovery of data price. – No fee if device Bad and inaccessible

Recovery Level 1 – Prices Starting at $20.00

Recover deleted files from Hard Drive, SD Card, Flash Drives, Portable Devices, Etc

Recovery Level 2 – Prices starting at $200.00

Full Recovery – Cost covers Formatted and Re-Partitioned Drives

Prices vary depending on device capacity and time required to recover items.

Large Formatted & Re-partitioned  Hard Drives May Take Easily over 12 hours to recover

Recovery Requirements:

Device must be in good working order.

Failed devices will be returned to owner at no charge.

Failed devices are those that have stopped working and no longer are recognized by any system.

Recovery Level 3 – Prices Starting at $ 200.00 – Failing Devices:

If you have a device that is still accessible but is about to fail completely files may still be recoverable. Customer must provide or purchase required hardware or disk to transfer recovered files onto.

Recovery Level 4 – Failed Drive.

Device has failed and is no longer accessible to the system. This service is available from 3rd party service and usually start at $500 and up depending on what needs to be done.

See the following links below for drive recovery services:


Recovery Disk Creation Service

Starting at $35.00

Create system recovery disk for your computer.

Basic OS Recovery

Recommended for new systems that don’t have recovery disk or partition available.

Allows OS installation if if hard drive failure or infection occurs

Custom Computers

Pardon our dust as this page is Under Construction.


Custom Computers.

Are you looking for a custom computer build and not an off the shelf unit? Maybe you looking for a particular case and lighting configuration? how about a custom liquid cooled system or mineral oil submerged system aquarium pc case?

When choosing a system you need to figure out first how much you want to spend. the next thing is how much stuff you want to try to reuse from a previous computer.  You may be able to reuse the case, power supply, CD/DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, etc just for some examples.  this can save money on the new build.  note on the power supply that some situations the old power supply will not work on the new build.  common issues with power supplies is companies such as dell and others sometimes have there own wiring configuration that does not comply with the standards.  such power supplies will fry the board when powered on.


More info to be added

Computer Services

(TEK) Computer Services

Technology Consultation

Starting at $0.00 – 30 minutes

  • Review Needs & access current hardware & software needs.
  • Verify if hardware & software can be used or if upgrades will be needed.
  • Discuss what hardware & software requirements are needed.
  • Find out budget for new setup & figure out how much hardware & software can be used for new build.
  • Decide if required upgrades can be made over time or if used hardware would be a better fit.


Software Install & Setup

Starting at $35.00

Install & configure software

Apply updates if available.

Test for proper operation

Multiple software installation discount

Software Sold Separately

Hardware Install & Setup

Starting at $35.00

Install internal or external hardware

Install & update drivers & software

Configure Hardware & software

Test for proper operation

Hardware Sold Separately

Memory Installation & Setup

Starting at $35.00

Install Memory.

Verify is recognized by system

Test Memory for any issues

Hardware Sold Separately

Operating System Install & Setup

Starting at $95.00

Includes the following

  • Basic Software & Drivers install
  • Install OS Critical Updates
  • Configure Software
  • Install required hardware & software drivers & updates (Required Video, Audio, Etc software & updates)
  • Configure System
  • Optimize & defragment Hard drive & registry
  • Test system for proper operation of hardware & software

Hardware & Software Sold Separately

Printer-Scanner-Fax Install & Setup

Starting at $35.00

basic software & hardware installation

Update drivers & software

Configure Device

Test for proper operation of hardware & software

Hardware & software sold separately

Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit removal

Starting at $140.00

  • Scan for & remove Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Rootkits
  • Repair OS issues
  • Cleanup Registry & any left over files & folders from infection.
  • Verify system is clean with no additional issues
  • Install requested Protection software (Internet Security Suite, Anti-virus, Etc)

Software Sold Separately


Starting at $40.00 / Hour

Teach how to use computer – The basics

Work with programs, Photos, Online safety, Social Networking, working with software

Learn how to use or work with a certain program etc

Features & How to

Tips & Tricks

Answer any questions

Networking Setup & Configure

Starting at $60.00

Configure network router

Update firmware (only if required)

Setup and configure network router user & password login info

Setup and configure Wireless ID(s) & Password(s)

Setup and configure network sharing of devices/printers/etc (Select models with usb file and printer sharing available.)

Setup & check additional settings as required. (Port forwarding etc if required.)

Computer Tune-up

Starting at $35.00

Optimize Startup & Shutdown

Install OS Critical updates

Install Driver Updates for Devices

Clean up Temp Files and related.

Clean browser cache – Optimize browser settings, Etc.

Remove unwanted software & trial-ware

Test & verify software & hardware updates etc are working properly

Diagnose and fix issues causing performance issues.

Clean and remove excessive dust from inside computer components.

Wipe down exterior of computer case as needed.

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Also removing duplicate content from humor etc pages on The Elf Kingdom (TEK).

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–  Main hosting has been down for over a week due to changes to the domain name settings.

Just over a week ago made some changes to how the domain settings were setup.  Before the domain transferred all DNS settings were set to the web host.  This caused issues for other sites of mine that point to the domain name.  Attempts were made to use the domain’s DNS servers instead of the free web hosting DNS servers and everything that was tried ended up failing.

After a lot of searching online for answers there was one page that was found that suggest that with free hosting that you have to transfer DNS to them to park the domain.  After trying several different configurations in the domain records to get things to work I finally went to switch DNS back to webhost but ran into a problem.  I had went through and entered all the ns records again as they were before for the free hosting and when I went to save them it threw an error.  The DNS settings were once again changed to the domain and the site was redirected to the hosting account.

This caused another error.  The parked domain on the free hosting account was still set to the main domain.  The parked domain was removed and then WordPress wouldn’t load the site.  The WordPress installation was pointing to the parked domain that was no longer parked.

WordPress settings had to be changed manually in the files and the database.  The files were reasonably quick to fix however the database was a different story.  With everything in the database using the previously parked domain there was a lot of entries in the database that needed to be changed.  After manually making changes to all the entries WordPress was giving a database error.  eventually that finally got tracked down and fixed and everything seems to be back up and running again.

There may be some lingering issues that may have to be corrected still however it now seems the site is back up.  There may be a lingering issue here or there still but the site is now being checked out to make sure things are loading correctly

06-16-2015 – Added site down or just me
06-02-2015 – Added some new stuff to the Humor Etc pages @ The Elf Kingdom (TEK).  Also fixed incorrect time zone settings.
05-22-2015 – Working on bringing (TEK) Innovations back online.
05-21-2015 – Humor Etc pages @ The Elf Kingdom (TEK) are now back online.  Everything should be working now.


(TEK) Web Hosting Services

(TEK) Web Hosting – Start building your website today.

Are you looking to start up your own website?  TEK Web Hosting offers several packages to meet the needs of our users.

We offer both free and paid hosting services to suit the needs of our clients.  If you are just starting out you may prefer to use our free hosting service.  Our free hosting package offers enough space and bandwidth to start out with.  As your site grows you can choose to upgrade to one of our paid hosting packages to better suit your needs.

Free Web Hosting Accounts:

We offer 10 GB of disk space & 100 GB bandwidth a month for our free hosting service.

Paid Web Hosting Accounts:

We offer budget & standard web hosting with unlimited disk space & 250 GB bandwidth a month & Ultimate web hosting unlimited disk space & unlimited bandwidth a month.  All paid web hosting comes with one or more OO.GD Domain names depending on the package for our paid hosting service.

To view all options and services available visit our hosting site located at

WordPress Services

WordPress Services

Setup and configure WordPress starting at $50.00

Install basic theme and configure.

Install Plugins and configure.

Can you setup post or pages for me?

Yes, we offer full post or page setup that starts at $20 per post or page.  we also offer volume discounts for multiple pages.