Computer Services

(TEK) Computer Services

Technology Consultation

Starting at $0.00 – 30 minutes

  • Review Needs & access current hardware & software needs.
  • Verify if hardware & software can be used or if upgrades will be needed.
  • Discuss what hardware & software requirements are needed.
  • Find out budget for new setup & figure out how much hardware & software can be used for new build.
  • Decide if required upgrades can be made over time or if used hardware would be a better fit.


Software Install & Setup

Starting at $35.00

Install & configure software

Apply updates if available.

Test for proper operation

Multiple software installation discount

Software Sold Separately

Hardware Install & Setup

Starting at $35.00

Install internal or external hardware

Install & update drivers & software

Configure Hardware & software

Test for proper operation

Hardware Sold Separately

Memory Installation & Setup

Starting at $35.00

Install Memory.

Verify is recognized by system

Test Memory for any issues

Hardware Sold Separately

Operating System Install & Setup

Starting at $95.00

Includes the following

  • Basic Software & Drivers install
  • Install OS Critical Updates
  • Configure Software
  • Install required hardware & software drivers & updates (Required Video, Audio, Etc software & updates)
  • Configure System
  • Optimize & defragment Hard drive & registry
  • Test system for proper operation of hardware & software

Hardware & Software Sold Separately

Printer-Scanner-Fax Install & Setup

Starting at $35.00

basic software & hardware installation

Update drivers & software

Configure Device

Test for proper operation of hardware & software

Hardware & software sold separately

Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkit removal

Starting at $140.00

  • Scan for & remove Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Rootkits
  • Repair OS issues
  • Cleanup Registry & any left over files & folders from infection.
  • Verify system is clean with no additional issues
  • Install requested Protection software (Internet Security Suite, Anti-virus, Etc)

Software Sold Separately


Starting at $40.00 / Hour

Teach how to use computer – The basics

Work with programs, Photos, Online safety, Social Networking, working with software

Learn how to use or work with a certain program etc

Features & How to

Tips & Tricks

Answer any questions

Networking Setup & Configure

Starting at $60.00

Configure network router

Update firmware (only if required)

Setup and configure network router user & password login info

Setup and configure Wireless ID(s) & Password(s)

Setup and configure network sharing of devices/printers/etc (Select models with usb file and printer sharing available.)

Setup & check additional settings as required. (Port forwarding etc if required.)

Computer Tune-up

Starting at $35.00

Optimize Startup & Shutdown

Install OS Critical updates

Install Driver Updates for Devices

Clean up Temp Files and related.

Clean browser cache – Optimize browser settings, Etc.

Remove unwanted software & trial-ware

Test & verify software & hardware updates etc are working properly

Diagnose and fix issues causing performance issues.

Clean and remove excessive dust from inside computer components.

Wipe down exterior of computer case as needed.

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