File Recovery Service

(TEK) File Recovery Services


Services are not officially available yet and prices have not been finalized.

Data Recovery – Rates Vary

$10.00 – Diagnose Fee – Verify device is in proper working order and accessible.

Fee deducted from recovery of data price. – No fee if device Bad and inaccessible

Recovery Level 1 – Prices Starting at $20.00

Recover deleted files from Hard Drive, SD Card, Flash Drives, Portable Devices, Etc

Recovery Level 2 – Prices starting at $200.00

Full Recovery – Cost covers Formatted and Re-Partitioned Drives

Prices vary depending on device capacity and time required to recover items.

Large Formatted & Re-partitioned  Hard Drives May Take Easily over 12 hours to recover

Recovery Requirements:

Device must be in good working order.

Failed devices will be returned to owner at no charge.

Failed devices are those that have stopped working and no longer are recognized by any system.

Recovery Level 3 – Prices Starting at $ 200.00 – Failing Devices:

If you have a device that is still accessible but is about to fail completely files may still be recoverable. Customer must provide or purchase required hardware or disk to transfer recovered files onto.

Recovery Level 4 – Failed Drive.

Device has failed and is no longer accessible to the system. This service is available from 3rd party service and usually start at $500 and up depending on what needs to be done.

See the following links below for drive recovery services:


Recovery Disk Creation Service

Starting at $35.00

Create system recovery disk for your computer.

Basic OS Recovery

Recommended for new systems that don’t have recovery disk or partition available.

Allows OS installation if if hard drive failure or infection occurs

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