Site Maintenance Logs

2-22-2018 – Added more content to The Elf Kingdom (TEK) & AnimeCity (TEK)

2-6-2018 – Changed Advertisement plugin across all sites and finishing up tweaking settings.
Also removing duplicate content from humor etc pages on The Elf Kingdom (TEK).

1-25-2018 – Fixed a database issue that has been an problem for months.

2-14-2016 – A few new post in the Humor Etc section have been added.

01-22-2016 – (TEK) Sites needs your help. Do you have good content to add? Want to help make (TEK) sites all it can be? Contact us using the contact form and let us know what section(s) you would like to help with.  We also need funds to upgrade to paid hosting again.

10-23-2015 – Added more videos and stuff to AnimeCity (TEK).

07–22-2015 – Basic site maintenance with possible new stuff to be added.

07-05-2015 – Forums are in pre-beta testing.  Social login required to sign in.  Sign in not required to view content at this time.

06-30-2015 – Working on the new forums.  Testing out new updated styles.

06-25-2015 –  Main website is back up.  The site has been down due to a domain change and settings in WordPress had to be manually changed to reflect the changes.  Read more below.

–  Main hosting has been down for over a week due to changes to the domain name settings.

Just over a week ago made some changes to how the domain settings were setup.  Before the domain transferred all DNS settings were set to the web host.  This caused issues for other sites of mine that point to the domain name.  Attempts were made to use the domain’s DNS servers instead of the free web hosting DNS servers and everything that was tried ended up failing.

After a lot of searching online for answers there was one page that was found that suggest that with free hosting that you have to transfer DNS to them to park the domain.  After trying several different configurations in the domain records to get things to work I finally went to switch DNS back to webhost but ran into a problem.  I had went through and entered all the ns records again as they were before for the free hosting and when I went to save them it threw an error.  The DNS settings were once again changed to the domain and the site was redirected to the hosting account.

This caused another error.  The parked domain on the free hosting account was still set to the main domain.  The parked domain was removed and then WordPress wouldn’t load the site.  The WordPress installation was pointing to the parked domain that was no longer parked.

WordPress settings had to be changed manually in the files and the database.  The files were reasonably quick to fix however the database was a different story.  With everything in the database using the previously parked domain there was a lot of entries in the database that needed to be changed.  After manually making changes to all the entries WordPress was giving a database error.  eventually that finally got tracked down and fixed and everything seems to be back up and running again.

There may be some lingering issues that may have to be corrected still however it now seems the site is back up.  There may be a lingering issue here or there still but the site is now being checked out to make sure things are loading correctly

06-16-2015 – Added site down or just me
06-02-2015 – Added some new stuff to the Humor Etc pages @ The Elf Kingdom (TEK).  Also fixed incorrect time zone settings.
05-22-2015 – Working on bringing (TEK) Innovations back online.
05-21-2015 – Humor Etc pages @ The Elf Kingdom (TEK) are now back online.  Everything should be working now.


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